Difference between volts and amps (Volt vs Amp)

Difference between volts and amps (Volt vs Amp)

There are differences between voltage and current. Voltage and Current both are related by and (resistance) impedance. But, many people have complicated the understanding of both terms.  The following are the major differences between volts and amps

Amp – Ampere is the SI unit for measuring the flow of electric current. The definition of current is, rate of flow of electron passing through a conductor. Current is measured in ampere and denoted by “A”.

Volt – Volt is the SI unit for measuring voltage. Voltage is denoted by “V”. The voltage is defined as the total energy required to move the unit electric charge along two points that have different potentials. This work is also equal to the voltage difference between those points.


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Understand Voltage and Current (Volts vs Amps) – Example

Say, water flows through a pipe. Then, amps would be the rate of water flowing through the pipe. Water pressure, which makes water flow would be voltage. Additionally, the watts can be defined as the power that could be delivered by flowing water (Amps x Volts). From this analogy, you can easily understand what is volts and amps.

Current and Voltage are correlated by resistance. That is, Voltage = Current X Resistance (V=I x R). To understand resistance we will consider the same analogy above.

Say the pressure being the same (Constant) while the circular size of the pipe is increased. Then the flowing water will be reduced. Likewise, If we reduce the circular cross-sectional area of the pipe, then water flow will be increased.

From the above example, we can understand that reducing the pipe size resists the water flow.  So, we can easily compare the pipe size to the resistance of the current flowing conductor. Increasing conductor resistance will reduce the current flow.

Ohm’s Law

Ohm law is simply expressed as V = I x R. Where V is voltage, I is current and R is the resistant of current flowing (conductor) path.

In other words the product of current and resistant of the flowing path.


There are formulas to calculate power. Electric power is measured in watts and denoted by the symbol “W”.

Electric power (P) = Voltage (V)  x Current (I)

Substituting, V = IR  on above equations will give alternative formulas to calculate power.

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