About Rizqan Academy


“To provide a high quality education to everyone, everywhere by creating user friendly online learning platform for engineering professionals, undergraduate students and science lovers”

Who are we?

Rizqan Academy is formed by the inspiration of creating a free knowledge-sharing platform for students and engineering professionals who are seeking knowledge by self-learning and research.  Our academy founder Eng.Riskan Thahir, who has completed his degree from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka has started to prepare and deliver various academic contents and provide services for engineering professionals and undergraduates through his academy. This led him through his next step to create a website and make it accessible worldwide.

We have a team of qualified engineers in our academy who are eagerly waiting to share their knowledge and experiences through this platform. They create rich content to suit students and teachers who seek self-learning. All the contents on our sites are copyrighted to Rizqan Academy.

For further inquiries do not hesitate to Contact us. Please write to [email protected]