Rizqan's Story

Have you had a passion so deep that you couldn’t help but do something about it? Something that was deep in your veins and inspired every beat of your heart?

We have, and that’s why Rizqan eStore exists. We believe it’s our job to spread happiness, joy, and inspiration around the world. That passion, drive, and insatiable focus to bring our vision to life are at the core of everything we do. And it all started with a simple social media channel.

From our very first ‘like’ on Facebook we’ve divvied up fun, inspiring content that has brought together many people who are now fans and followers. Our team spends hours each week to share the best of the best inspiring content online with our fans. We believe that there is way too much inspiring and amazing content out there not to share it with the world, and so Rizqan was born.

Out of that model we reached out further still to our customers by launching an online retail store that brings together all the best ideas to inspire their life!

Top rated Products

Today, the challenging part in the market is finding the best, branded and durable products that suits your need well. We took that responsibility on behalf of our valuable customers.

Our team drill down deeply in to social media, search engines and major online stores to study customer experiences and bring you the best product to you. We have our warehouses at US, China and France. You can find a wide variety of goodies that will inspire you to live your best life.

Top searching and start living your best life, with gear from our unlimited selection.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring you best products that you will love. We fulfill that vision by working around the clock to partner with product manufacturers offering the most interesting products available.

Be Happy | Be Yourself | Shop The Way You Like

You deserve to shop for products that make you happy. Rizqan Electronics is all about giving you a selection of products that you can’t live without. Make your home a better place to be, or give your friend a gift they won’t forget, with our innovative products. And when you shop with us we offer killer customer service alongside free international shipping. No matter if you have a question about our products or where your shipment is, we will be there for you when you need us. We’ve got your back.

So what are you waiting for? Inspire yourself. Explore the world. And find innovative products that make you want to experience life in a whole new way right here, at Rizqan Electronics.

Still have questions? We're always here to help.